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Static Sleeve Bearings

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Static Sleeve Bearings

Static Sleeve Bearings
Available from Hitachi Maxco for either steel shaft or stub shaft locations, the UHMW-PE integral shoulder Static Sleeve Bearings are available as a low cost alternative to replacement of steel wall bearings and eliminates the load associated with turning a steel shaft inside a wall bearing.

Clamps onto Shaft
The Static Sleeve Bearing simply clamps onto existing idler shafts, the idler sprockets are mounted onto the bearings and now turn freely, eliminating the resistance associated with the turning heavy steel shafting inside worn or corroded bearings. Zero Lubrication required.

Two Sizes Available
Standard Duty is for use with UHMW all plastic and metallic hub sprockets. Cast Nylon Spkt is for use with HMAX Cast Nylon Sprockets which have a longer Length-Thru-Bore.

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