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Cast Nylon Stub Shafts

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Cast Nylon Stub Shaft

Cast Nylon Stub Shafts provide extremely low friction bearings for both new and existing clarifier requirements. Heavy steel shafts and metallic wall bearings are by their material prone to corrosion which hampers the artiiculation of the clarifier. Most steel shaft and wall bearing clarifiers use more horsepower to articulate the collector chains due to this high friction penalty when compared to the actual load of the sludge. Cast Nylon Stub Shafts with free turning sprockets remove this penalty, extending the life of the chain and components by years. Even after years of heavy use, sprockets on Cast Nylon Stub Shafts continue to turn easily.

The non-metallic bearing sleeve provides years of trouble free service. Replacement of the non-metallic bearing sleeve is simple and can be done in minutes with simple tools.

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