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A Pioneer in the Industrial Chain Business
Our company began manufacturing industrial cast chains in 1911 as Tobata Foundry Co. in Japan. In 1956 we became part of the Hitachi group and in 1972 Hitachi Chain, Ltd. was established. The industrial chain business was the foundation on which the company was built and when we added our building solutions business in 1987, we became Hitachi Metals Techno, Ltd. In 2016 the company separated from the Hitachi group to become SENQCIA Corporation. SENQCIA MAXCO, Ltd. is the North American subsidiary of SENQCIA Corporation.

Our History


Origin of Our Name
• Japanese word Senkyusha meaning "Pioneer"
• Pronounced: "Sen-Q-Sha"

Meaning of Our Corporate Symbol
• The use of the letter "Q" is to express our awareness and passion towards quality.
• The circular shape represents the "Earth" representing our will to develop globally.
• The line running to the upper right represents ongoing progress.

Corporate Brand Colors
• Orange which conveys activeness and familiarity and Gray which conveys flexibility and reliability are used as our corporate brand colors.

Our Products

Our Products

Roller Chains
In 1987 we introduced the fi rst premium line of fully solid bushing-solid roller (SBR®) industrial roller chain products. Today our Inspire Series SBR® chains are the highest rated roller chains in the world.

Engineering Class Chains
We offer a large variety of engineering class chains for heavy duty power transmission and conveying applications. Many of these chains are made-to-order from special materials or attachments to suit the customers specific application.

Environmental Products
SENQCIA is a leading manufacturer of SAV® stainless, plastic, cast and welded steel collector chains; stainless or plastic drive chains; and a complete array of components including flights, wear shoes, static sleeve bearings and more.

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